Care of Persian Carpets

Admiring the Beauty of Persian Carpets

Known for their stunning beauty and intricate design work, Persian carpets are consistently considered among the best of the best out there. Sometimes also referred to in niche groups as “Iranian Carpets,” there’s little doubt these amazing pieces of textile weaving are better known worldwide as Persian carpets. Featuring a wide variety of colors, designs, but all featuring high quality materials and work, there’s a lot to love about what they bring to the table.

Originally these rugs were mainly produced by certain nomadic tribes in this region of Asia, in the greater Persia area that is modern day Iran. Nomads would harvest wool and animal hair that was then woven into fine strands that would become the backbone for a new rug design. Famous as far back as the 1500’s, they came to be in high demand because of the lovely vibrant colors combined with an intense and unparalleled artistic design.

These rugs were beautiful, intricate, and there was no one else who could compete with them in appearance or quality.

While technology and wider global trade has expanded the materials and tools used to weave modern Persian rugs, the tradition of artistic expression and quality still remains. Wool, silk, and cotton are just a few of the most popular materials used while modern and natural dyes are sometimes blended to create even more vibrant and in-depth coloring. Some weavers use the ultra traditional looms while some others use more modern takes off of the traditional tools.

There are multiple tools, different types of looms, and even different type of styles. Persian rugs doesn’t necessarily refer to one specific style or technique but is an umbrella term for describing the many stunning designs that come from this region. For those looking for the absolute best, it’s hard to argue with what Persian rugs bring to the table.